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Tony Vicich Comedy Schools


Ken Kaz. Top local comic Ken Kaz has delighted corporate clients with his hilarious imitation of “Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker.”  
Originally from
Chicago, Ken is one of the smartest and funniest up and coming comics based out of Phoenix. His staunch belief that there is humor in everything life throws your way relates well to audiences as they find themselves laughing at everything from insignificant daily routines to life altering events and tragedies. No subject is off limits for this comic who takes an above the board approach when dealing with some of the more risqué topics. All of Ken's life he had a secret dream of being a comedian. Which helps explain why he became a CPA, what better way to keep that dream a secret. Ken began his comedy career performing improvisational comedy at Theatre 168 with the Jester’s Comedy Troupe. The Jester’s continue to be the longest running Improv Troupe in the Valley. Ken currently performs stand up comedy and can now be seen regularly at various clubs and venues through out the Southwest. Ken decided that sweltering Midwest summers did not suit him and moved to Arizona to escape them, smart move Ken!

Jon Jesmer recently appeared at The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. He won first place at the prestigious comedy contest at Mardi Gras, beating out thirty other local and national comics. As a child Jon was a golf prodigy, then, like Tiger Woods, he discovered girls, and hasn’t been able to hit a ball straight to save his soul.

Chris Bennett. Chris is a young, up and coming comedian currently based out of Arizona.  Chris started doing Stand-Up while he was attending Arizona State University where he obtained his B.A. in Theatre of Fine Arts.  Chris had always enjoyed acting, but Stand-Up Comedy was one area that had interested him the most.  Chris started his stand up career in October 2002 when he started attending Tony Vicich's  Soon after attending Tony's Comedy Classes, Chris started winning contests around the Valley, like, Funniest Person in the Valley in 2003.  He was also a Finalist in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival Laugh Across America Contest. Chris's unique and high energy routine has enabled him the opportunity to perform all over the United States.  Chris Recently performed at the New York Improv where he participated in the Funniest Actor in New York Competition and he won First Place.  Chris's long term goals include performances on The Tonight Show and The David Letterman Show.  But for right now, he is having a blast entertaining crowds across the country.


Kirk Buckhout has become one of the areas’ top local comics and booking agents. He currently runs three local venues and works as a substitute teacher. Comic and teacher, so if he hits you up for a loan, don’t do it, he’ll never be able to pay you back.

Jared Blake has been a finalist in every recent comedy contest in the Valley. He pursues his career with the same determination that he pursues his drinking. We predict that his future holds fame fortune and a liver transplant.

Ruben Andrade has worked as comic in Albuquerque and Tucson, he can’t seem to get work in his own home town, and soon you’ll see why.

Glenn Vrooman has been featured on local TV several times and has opened at Tempe Improv on several occasions. His hobbies include long walks to the beach and blaming others for his failures in life.

Robert “Steve” Maxwell. When not plying his comedy trade, Bobby Steve is a stay at home Dad. He doesn’t help with the kids, he just stays at home. Ask him what’s the latest on the Jerry Springer show, I bet he knows.