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Little Schmuck

Mark Trombino
is a three feet three inches (3' 3") tall and 75 pounds little person who serves as the official mascot of Schmuck Fest Comedy Roasts. Also known as “The Little Schmuck” he earned the position during the first Schmuck Fest Comedy Roast of Politicians when a last minute schedule change prevented the Governor of Arizona from attending. Mark dressed up like the Governor and stood in.  For his participation and service Mark Trombino received the Schmuck Jewel Award instead of the Governor (attendance is a requirement to receive the award).  Martk has also performed in a special American Legion Baseball uniform carrying the Schmuck Jewel Award (Diamond) in his glove for presentation.

Mark is a professional actor who has done everything he can to build a vibrant life with his 3-foot, 3-inch tall body. You will never know what it’s like to climb a stepladder to use the kitchen sink. You can try to imagine a childhood defined by surgeries, and you might even guess what it’s like to be stared at in public, but you’ll never really feel what life is like for 3-foot, 3-inch tall, Mark Trombino.

You walk into the store to grab a gallon of milk. Mark Trombino parks in a handicapped space, climbs out of his car and into an electric scooter. He will buy a half-gallon of milk because he can lift it.  Shorter than most preschoolers, Mark Trombino has a skyscraper view of life.  For Mark, that is the only way to see a giant world from a height below the average light switch.

Mark Trombino is the proud father of a 2 year old girl. “If I could be average height now, after 36 years, would I? No. I like who I am and the height I am,” Mark says.

Mark's role now is to dress up in costume like those being roasted. For more about Mark Trombino visit his website at






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