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For Priceless Service to the Community



Of German origin, Schmuck means jewel or jewelry.  The name is commonly seen on signs and bill boards in
Germany and Austria related to the merchandising of precious jewelry.

The Schmuck name has been traced to the birth of Christian von Schmuck in 1370, and over the years, all kinds of professions from educators and business leaders to war heroes and professional athletes have carried the name Schmuck from their birthright.   No matter what the trade or profession Schmuck’s share one thing -- a remarkable spirit – a spirit of service. It is this spirit of service that is sometimes coined “priceless,” and the diamond is representative of a priceless jewel. For this reason our family created the Schmuck Jewel Award. The award is made of crystal and engraved with each roastee’s name. We present this award to say thank you for providing “priceless” service to the community. 


The Free Standing Star Award is a gold plated metal figurine with a star between the persons hands. It is mounted on a black base and produced by RS Owens Company, the same company that manufactures the Oscars® for Hollywood. This award is offered to each comedian for donating their time and talent to Schmuck Fest. Each award is engraved with the comedian’s name, and presented to say thank you for helping charity.